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Christopher Parker
I am a writer, fisherman, and co-pilot from Alabama. I am a fan of the Blue Angels and I love watching the Atlanta Falcons. I want to be a marine biologist and go to college at Florida University and I am a big fan of star wars. In my spare time I fish in Orange Beach, AL and play football.

Christopher Parker, Writer

May 09, 2017
The most Popular Gamefish of the South East (Story)
May 01, 2017
Offshore fishing (Story)
Apr 25, 2017
Darth Vader: The Dark Lord of the Sith (Story)
Apr 21, 2017
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Apr 04, 2017
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Mar 31, 2017
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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 21, 2017
Star Wars (Story)
Mar 03, 2017
Invasive Species (Story)
Feb 28, 2017
Spring Break Fishing Season (Story)
Feb 24, 2017
Alabama Inshore Fishing (Story)
Feb 09, 2017
Christopher’s Travel Guide: Lego Land, California (Story)
Feb 06, 2017
Atlanta Falcons (Story)
Jan 31, 2017
Wahoo (Story)
Jan 24, 2017
Divisional Playoff (Story)
Jan 10, 2017
Predators of the Reef (Story)
Dec 06, 2016
SEC championship and Week 13 scores (Story)
Nov 09, 2016
Dangerous Beach life you don’t want to come across: a guide to dangerous beach life (Story)
Oct 21, 2016
Water Environments of the Gulf Coast (Story)
Oct 12, 2016
Shark fishing (Story)
Sep 29, 2016
Blue Angels (Story)
Sep 28, 2016
Boba Fett Spin-Off Movie in 2017 (Story)
Sep 27, 2016
The Gulf State Pier (Story)
Aug 30, 2016
Great White Sharks (Story)
Aug 19, 2016
New Rogue One Star Wars Movie Coming Out Soon! (Story)
The student news site of Huntsville Junior High School